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Celtic star Odsonne Edouard tipped for Brendan Rodgers gathering…

Celtic star Odsonne Edouard tipped for Brendan Rodgers gathering as Leicester legend Jamie Vardy’s drawn out substitution – however West Ham could join pursue for striker

Alan Brazil has encouraged Premier League clubs to take a risk on Celtic striker Odsonne Edouard in the mid year.

Edouard flaunts a splendid scoring record for Celtic, netting 80 objectives in 159 appearances since getting paperwork done for them in 2018, and has had an enormous impact in their prosperity.

Celtic have truly gone off the heat up this season, nonetheless, with lackluster showings in Europe compounded by rivals Rangers being roads in front of them in the Scottish Premiership.

Reports over the 23-year-old’s future at the club will not disappear and he’s been connected with a gathering with Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers, who trained him at Celtic.

Betting Tips 03 02 21 at 03.26 AM
Betting Tips 03 02 21 at 03.26 AM

What’s more, Brazil would invite the Foxes going for Edouard, who could function as a drawn out swap for Jamie Vardy, 34.

In any case, the talkSPORT have accepts different clubs in the English first class will be after the France Under-21 worldwide, including West Ham.

“I anticipate that Celtic should be a lot more grounded one year from now, a lot more grounded. They may lose Edouard in advance, he’s perhaps the best player yet they will acquire new players,” Brazil said on talkSPORT Breakfast.

“He could go to the Premier League. In some cases he looks apathetic however I don’t perceive any reason why not, he holds the ball up splendidly. He has fast feet and scores objectives.

“For example, Leicester. Brendan would have him throughout the day. Vardy can’t continue onward, can he?

“He’s a cool man, he completes exquisite, he doesn’t freeze. He’ll toss a shimmy and beat somebody and simply thump it away.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea how great he is on the grounds that I don’t believe he’s been tried against him yet I would give him the possibility.”

“Davy [David Moyes] will thoroughly understand him. That is an opportunities for West Ham.

“Edouard has all the capacities, he holds it up, he’s pacy, he scores objectives he’s cool ready so that is a chance.”

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