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Welcome to the WONNA Betting Tips family. This page is designed to help you, as you just joined our family. Please read the entire article so that you can understand WONNA better and to get to know us better.

  • WONNA offers you daily football tips for free and with its subscription system.
  • Our goal is to ensure that members of the entire WONNA family have a steady income every month.
  • We will win together. We will be successful together. We will make a steady income together. We will have good and bad days, but we are a family and never forget that you are the most important part of our family. We work 365 days a year to make you happy. Our goal is to achieve successful results at least 22 days each month.
  • Now we explain the most frequently asked questions to us. If you read these questions, you can get to know WONNA better. We have world famous tipster staff. There are even former football players and coaches in our staff. WON with WONNA!


1- QUESTION: I don’t have a credit or debit card. How can I buy a subscription? Do you have alternative payment?


BITCOIN: 1MtrrM3n27bCSCD74KsXpwWxcU6g62sA7

Bitcoin is the most secure money transfer tool. You can send money in seconds. The safest bitcoin market is Binance. As a Binance member, you can purchase a subscription right away.
When you load bitcoin by clicking this link, 15 days Vip subscription is a gift. After payment, you must send us a message to activate your subscription.


2- QUESTION:Do you have any other payment method?

ASWER: You can pay with PAYONEER, WESTERN UNION, EUROPE DIRECT BANK ACCOUNT, NIGERIA AGENT BANK ACCOUNT, BITCOIN, ALL OTHER COINS. M-PESA payment method is not active. However, in some countries, M-PESA EXPRESS applies. M-PESA EXPRESS option will be available when you want to purchase if it is valid in your country. Each country may have different payment methods. Click on any plan within the application. You can easily see other payment methods available in your country.


3- QUESTION: Where will I see football betting tips if I subscribe to WONNA. Are you going to mail me?

ASWER: When you subscribe to WONNA, you can see football betting tips in the plan tab you purchased.


4- QUESTION: Can I see football betting tips immediately when I subscribe to WONNA?

ASWER: Yes. When you subscribe to WONNA, you can immediately see football betting tips on the tab with the plan you purchased.


5- QUESTION: I do not have a credit card. I don’t have a debit card. I want to buy a subscription but it does not accept my card. What should I do?

ASWER: If you have these problems, you can send us a message from the contact section in the side menu. We will support you as soon as possible.


6- QUESTION: Can I see free football betting tips everyday at WONNA? Do I have to pay for this? What time do you post the tips every day?

ASWER: Yes, you can see free betting tips every day. You do not have to pay a fee for this. You can see the daily betting tips every day after 00:00 in your home country time.


7- QUESTION: Do you delete losing games like other betting tips apps? Do you change the games and make them seem successful?

ASWER: No. At WONNA we never delete losing games. We do not change the tips. Everyone in the WONNA family knows that we are honest. You will understand this when you use our application for a few weeks. Losing as well as winning is a normal thing. That’s why we never do that. Because earning your trust is more important than anything else. We aim to be successful 22 days a month and fail 8 days. We achieve this most of the time.


8- QUESTION: Where can I see when my subscription will expire? Will it auto-renew when my subscription period expires?

ASWER: When you purchase a subscription, you can see it by clicking on the my subscriptions tab in the side menu. You can track when your subscription will expire. Google asks you this when purchasing a subscription. Renew when your subscription ends? Shouldn’t it be renewed? You can mark and purchase this question according to your wishes.


9- QUESTION: How can I cancel when I purchase a subscription?

ASWER: Your subscription will not be renewed again when you cancel your subscription. When your subscription period expires, the tab in the plan you purchased will automatically close. You can purchase a subscription again at any time in the future.


10- QUESTION: Can I buy more than one subscription? For example, I want to subscribe to both VIP and CORRECT SCORE plans. How can I do that?

ASWER: You can buy 1 subscription from each plan. For example, you can purchase 1 month VIP and 3 months CORRECT SCORE plan at the same time. We have 5 different subscription plans and you can buy them all at the same time. To do this, you can use the subscription buttons on each plan. For example, you cannot buy 1 month of CORRECT SCORE and 3 months of CORRECT SCORE at the same time.


11- QUESTION: In which games are you more successful? How should I play the games?

ASWER: We are very confident in league matches. Because we have a very strong tipster team. Cup matches are always very risky. We offer double or single tickets. So when we offer 5 daily tips, do not add all of them to your ticket. You must make single or at most double tickets. When the number of games on your ticket is low, your chances of winning increase. So you can have a steady income.


12- QUESTION: How can I do this when there is a problem or if I want to ask you something?

ASWER: You can contact us immediately by sending an e-mail to or in the contact section on the side menu. Response time is 1-3 hours.


13- QUESTION: I have used other apps many times before but never won. Will it be the same again? Will I earn with you?

ASWER: WONNA has a very strong tipster team. So we trust our tipster staff very much. So we aim to be 22 days successful 8 days fail monthly. We achieve this goal most of the time. The happiness of our subscribers is very important to us. If you think you are unhappy or you can’t win, we can renew this for free when your subscription ends. So we will do our best to make you happy and recommend us to your friends. Never forget this. In other words, you will not experience the disappointment you experience in other applications at WONNA. Because your subscription will continue for free until you are happy. No other application can give you this trust.


14- QUESTION: Do you offer fixed matches?

ASWER: No. Please never believe it. This is just a bad game they do to get your money. There is no such thing as a fixed match. No rational person would believe that the fixed match will be real.


15- QUESTION: Which plan should I buy? I’m so confused. Which one is better?

ASWER: We offer VIP – PREMIUM – HT / FT – DRAW – CORRECT SCORE Subscriptions. All are successful. Because for each plan, our tipster team, which has incredible success in its field, is working. Confusion is normal because we achieve very successful results in every plan. You can test this out by purchasing 1-month subscription from each plan. When you are satisfied, you can take advantage of subscriptions for 3 months – 6 months – 12 months. Or you can decide which plan to buy by following the evidence section constantly.


16- QUESTION: From which site do you get the odds on the football betting tips you offer? The rates you offer are not as high as on the site I use. Why is that?

ASWER: We receive betting odds on popular sites around the world. Each game has opening and closing rates. For example, if the opening bet rate of a game is 2.50 1 day ago, the next day this odds may drop to 2.00. Or it can increase to 2.70. The odds are variable until the match time.


17- QUESTION: I lost my phone. I bought a new phone. Can I transfer my subscription to my new phone?

ASWER: Your subscription is identified by the gmail address you use to sign in to WONNA. Thus, you can use your subscription by logging into your new phone with your old phone’s gmail. Your gmail address is required, not a phone, to transfer the subscription. Please do not lose your gmail address. If you do not remember your Gmail address, you can transfer your subscription to your new phone by sending us the order code sent to your gmail address when you purchase a subscription. So we will help you in any way possible and make you happy. Have no doubt.


18- QUESTION: When I joined WONNA, it asked permission to access the gallery on my phone. Why is that?

ASWER: We can never enter the gallery on your phone. This permission request is a standard access request requested by google on new model andorid phones. Almost all applications and games must request this access request. You can trust google and WONNA on this.


19- QUESTION: Why do I have to login with my gmail address when I want to join WONNA? Did you reach my Gmail password?

ASWER: We’ll never be able to see your Gmail password. When logging in, you will be logged in with the login method offered by googe. This login method is provided by google for the convenience of users. We use this method created by google for WONNA. So your password is safe by google. Signing in with Gmail has many advantages. For example, you can transfer your subscription to another phone. To do this, simply log in to your new phone. So logging in with gmail is useful for you. When you have trouble with your subscription, let us know your gmail address and we can easily fix it. So logging in with gmail is for your convenience.


20- QUESTION: I do not understand betting tips. Can you offer me consultancy service?

ASWER: We can do our best to make you happy and recommend us to your friends. Our goal is to ensure you have a steady income. For this, you can send us a message at any time from the contact section on the side menu.


21- QUESTION: (1X2 – 1) What does it mean?

ASWER: (1 Home team) (X Draw) (2 Away team) It is used to mean. To learn all the terms you do not know the meaning of, we can reach us from the contact section on the side menu.


22- QUESTION: Give me a few safe games. When I win, I will purchase subscriptions and pay you. Is this possible?

ASWER: Unfortunately we do not offer a free subscription. You can try our application by purchasing a 1-month subscription. When you are satisfied, you can extend your subscription period. Or you can earn a regular income by following the football betting tips in the FREE plan every day. We never offer odds of 1.20 / 1.30 like other apps. Because this is very easy anyway. Our free tips range from 1.80 to 2.00. For higest odds, you must purchase a subscription.


23- QUESTION: I bought a subscription, but I’m not happy. Can I switch to another plan?
For example: I bought Vip but can I replace it with Premium?

ASWER: WONNA subscribers are always happy. But if you are unhappy we can solve it. Each subscriber has the chance to change the plan once.


24- QUESTION: How can I benefit from 50% discount?

ASWER: To take advantage of the 50% discount, you have to pay in bitcoin. If you purchased with your credit card, you can request a 15-day free subscription from any plan.


25- QUESTION: I want to get a free 1-week subscription.

ASWER: You can earn 1 week subscription without paying anything. Share the link of our app 100 times on different social media groups and take screenshots of all of them. Then send us these screenshots to ask for your 1 week free subscription. You should only share the link of our application on betting related pages. It will take you 10 minutes to do them.

For example;

Share in Betting Tips groups on facebook.

Share on the pages about betting on Instagram.

Share on the pages about betting on twitter.

You can share the link of our application on all social media platforms related to betting.


Updated January 23, 2021 –  This page will be updated when you have new questions.

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